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T-shirt design tips

T-shirts are more and more popular no matter if you are a designer, typographer or an illustrator. When you come to think of it, having your own design on a t-shirt is rather nice and cool.

At the same time, the process per se is not as easy as you’d want and you need to follow some tips in order to get the best t-shirt design.

You need to have a sketch, create some models and sleep on the design that you’re thinking about. It’s better to explore the options before putting it on a t-shirt. Think more than twice as design on a screen may differ from a printed piece. You can also mock it up on a photo of a model, print it and apply it on the t-shirt if your imagination doesn’t go that far. After all, it may take a while until you get a professional eye.

No matter how tempted you might get, don’t get lost into the details and remember that less means more. And this applies also when it comes to a great t-shirt design.

If you’re doing this not only for yourself and you actually sell your design, it’s important that you know your customers. Men and women, young and older people want and like different things and the more you know about your potential client, the more chances for success you have.

When you like funny t-shirts designs, stay safe and don’t overdo it as the subtler the joke, the more successful the t-shirt!

As for the colors, play it safe and use complementary colors and get some info when the fabric of the t-shirts you’re printing on.

Last, but not least, try to remain original and speed up your game so that you get ahead of your competition.

Here’s how to apply your design onto t-shirts using heat press machines. And here’s some more on getting the designs cut.